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Facebook Ads for Electricians:  The Ultimate Guide

Are you an electrician looking to get more leads and grow your business?

Facebook ads for electricians are an excellent way to reach their target market.

With approximately three billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most used online social network worldwide. The number of Facebook users in the United States was forecast to increase between 2024 and 2028 by 12.6 million users continuously, and the average time spent by day by American users on Facebook is 33 minutes.

According to survey results published on Statista, 89% of social media marketers used Facebook to promote their business.

Facebook ads not only help you reach your target audience, buyer personas, and current customers but also allow you to customize your electrician business ads to ensure they reach qualified leads.

Therefore, Facebook provides a significant opportunity to showcase your electrical expertise, connect with potential clients, and create a community.

Various types of Facebook ads are available, from single image and video ads to carousel and collection ads. The ad type depends on the goal you want to achieve for your electrician business.

In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about Facebook ads for electricians.

  • Do Facebook Ads Work for Electricians?
  • How much do Facebook ads cost electricians?
  • Types of Facebook Ads and Which One to Use?
  • Run Top-of-Funnel Facebook Ads to Educate Your Audience
  • Run Facebook Ads to Present Your Offer
  • Retarget Your Leads With Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Example for Electricians

Do Facebook Ads Work for Electricians?

Facebook or PPC advertising for electricians effectively helps them target specific demographics in their service area and reach potential customers who may need their services.

With Facebook’s compelling ads and targeting strategies tailored to their audience’s interests and needs, electricians can enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns.

However, the process of creating, optimizing, and maintaining effective ad campaigns can be complex and time-consuming, requiring a deep understanding of both digital marketing and the unique demands of the electrical services market.

This is where hiring a professional electrician marketing agency comes into play. A specialized agency brings expertise in managing the intricacies of Facebook’s advertising platform and can tailor campaigns that resonate deeply with potential customers.

Reasons how and why Facebook ads work for electricians:

  1. Targeted Audience: Facebook allows electricians to target specific demographics such as location, age, interests, and behavior, ensuring their ads reach individuals likely to need electrical services in their area.
  2. Local Awareness: With Facebook’s geo-targeting capabilities, electricians can focus ads on local communities where their services are available, increasing awareness among potential customers nearby.
  3. Engaging Visuals: Electricians can use eye-catching visuals and videos in their ads to showcase their expertise, capturing users’ attention by scrolling through their newsfeeds.
  4. Lead Generation: Facebook ads can be designed to encourage users to contact the electrician directly for inquiries or appointments, serving as a lead generation tool.
  5. Cost-Effective: Compared to traditional advertising methods, Facebook ads can be more cost-effective, a budget-friendly option to reach a larger audience.
  6. Retargeting Options: Electricians can implement retargeting strategies to show ads to users who have previously visited their website or engaged with their content, keeping their services top-of-mind and encouraging repeat business.
  7. Performance Tracking: Facebook’s analytics tools provide insights into ad performance, allowing electricians to monitor metrics such as reach, engagement, and conversions and refine their strategies.
  8. Community Engagement: Electricians can use Facebook ads to promote community events, sponsorships, or educational content related to electrical safety, establishing themselves as trusted experts.

Most importantly, Facebook ads that answer questions, address pain points and build a relationship with the potential client will deliver the best results.

How much do Facebook ads cost electricians?

Ad spending is forecasted to experience significant growth in all segments in 2028. Global Facebook advertising revenue is expected to exceed US$127 billion by 2027.

Numbers like that are impressive, but you must know that there are limited advertising placements for businesses to sponsor across Facebook.

‍Facebook uses an auction-based advertising method similar to other paid ad platforms. Every advertiser submitting their campaigns competes for a specific ad placement in front of their target audience. The person with the highest bid (amongst other factors) wins the auction and displays the ad to the target audience.

Your Facebook electrician ad bid relates to the specific action you chose to bid on, which can be either:

  • Facebook Ads Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions (CPM): With CPM bidding, advertisers pay for every 1,000 impressions their ad receives, regardless of clicks or other actions.
  • Facebook Ads Cost-Per-Click (CPC): CPC bidding means advertisers pay each time someone clicks on their ad, making it ideal for driving traffic to websites or landing pages.
  • Facebook Bid Per Specific Conversion: Advertisers use conversion bidding bids for specific actions, such as purchases or sign-ups, optimizing ad delivery towards achieving those conversions.
  • Facebook Ads Cost Per Action (CPA): CPA bidding allows advertisers to set a target cost for specific actions, like purchases or app installations, and pay only when those actions occur.
  • Facebook Ads Cost Per Lead (CPL): CPL bidding enables advertisers to pay for each qualified lead generated through their ads, making it a suitable option for lead-generation campaigns.
  • Facebook Ads Cost Per Like: Advertisers using CPL bidding pay for each like their ad receives, helping to grow their page’s following and engagement.
  • Facebook Ads Cost Per Download: Advertisers pay for each app download resulting from their ad.

Facebook advertising costs can be highly variable, depending on various factors, including the industry, geographic location, and the specific goals of a campaign.

Here are the key factors that affect Facebook ads:

  • Target audience: The specificity and size of your audience, competition, and demand for your ads.
  • Ad relevance and quality: High-quality ads are rewarded with lower costs due to better engagement and user experience.
  • Ad placement: Different ad placements within the Facebook ecosystem have varying levels of demand and competition.
  • Bidding strategy: Your chosen bidding strategy, such as CPC or CPM.
  • Ad format and creatives: The format and quality of your ad content affect user engagement.
  • Seasonality and demand: Fluctuations in demand during peak seasons can impact competition and ad costs.
  • Seasonality, time, and day: Ad costs can vary based on the time and day ads are shown, depending on audience activity levels.

Types of Facebook Ads and Which One to Use?

Each ad type is designed to serve a specific purpose and produce a specific outcome, so choosing ad formats that help electricians achieve their business goals is important.

Here’s an overview of Facebook’s main ad formats and when to use them:

  • Image ads: Utilize compelling visuals to grab attention and convey your message concisely, ideal for showcasing products or services in a single image.
  • Video ads: Capture audience attention with dynamic visuals and storytelling, enabling engagement and conveying complex messages.
  • Carousel ads: Showcase multiple images or videos in a single ad, enabling storytelling, highlighting product features, or displaying different offerings to engage viewers.
  • Collection ads: Provide an immersive experience by combining a primary video or image with related services for driving conversions.
  • Stories ads: Utilize immersive, full-screen vertical format to deliver short, engaging content that captures audience attention and drives brand awareness.
  • Other ad types: Include formats like lead generation ads, dynamic ads, and messenger ads, offering options for specific campaign objectives such as lead generation, personalized service recommendations, and direct communication with customers.

So, where do you start with so many Facebook marketing for electricians options available today?

Run Top-of-Funnel Facebook Ads to Educate Your Audience

At the top of the funnel, Facebook’s ad strategy for electrical businesses must focus on education, audience-building, and engagement. It is the most important stage to target potential customers who may or may not yet realize they need electrical services.

People might look for electrical services in a specific location but won’t be aware of a trusted expert for their needs. So, instead of targeting the immediate service buyers, this stage aims to educate the broader audience.

Therefore, the Facebook ads should educate about the importance of electrical safety, energy efficiency, and the range of services the business offers.

Knowing your target audience and identifying the different customer segments within the broader audience is essential. For example:

  • Homeowners who are proactive about home maintenance are interested in upgrading their electrical systems for safety and efficiency.
  • Homeowners may not actively seek electrical services but could benefit from them due to aging electrical systems or home renovations.
  • New homeowners who may not be familiar with the electrical needs of their property could benefit from educational content about electrical maintenance and safety.

Each group may have different motivations and concerns related to electrical services, so tailored messaging is crucial.

The top-of-the-funnel Facebook ad campaigns should focus on providing valuable educational content such as safety tips, energy-saving techniques, and guides for identifying electrical issues. These campaigns aim to build brand awareness and establish long-term relationships with potential customers by positioning the electrical business as a trusted industry authority.

Even for people not requiring electrical services, informative content can create brand recall and influence future decisions when needed. It helps the electrical business stay top-of-mind and build credibility within its community.

To achieve the objectives with top-of-the-funnel Facebook ad campaigns for an electrical business, the type of content recommended is video.


Facebook video is recommended due to its cost-effectiveness and effectiveness in engaging viewers. Viewers are more likely to watch a video than read a written post, allowing for concise communication of key messages that can capture their attention.

Moreover, custom audiences can be created based on video engagement, tailoring content to different audience segments.

A video discussing common electrical hazards and safety tips can be effective for potential customers interested in electrical safety for their homes but may lack knowledge.

For those considering home renovations or upgrades but not necessarily thinking about electrical services, a video highlighting the benefits of upgrading electrical systems for safety and efficiency could be compelling.

Lastly, for potential customers already aware of the importance of electrical services, a video showcasing the electrical business’s expertise and unique services can differentiate it from competitors.

Run Facebook Ads to Present Your Offer

Running Facebook ads for your electrical business involves displaying your offer to potential customers. Use Facebook pixel to track interactions and focus on engagement, opt-ins, and conversions.

Campaign objectives such as lead generation, conversions, traffic, or messages (for Messenger lead generation) are suitable for this level. Focus on metrics like conversions, cost per lead, and cost per event (e.g., service scheduling).

Customize your ad creatives based on the interests identified at the top-of-the-funnel stage.

  • For potential customers interested in home safety, emphasize the importance of electrical upgrades for peace of mind.
  • For those considering home renovations, showcase the benefits of modernizing electrical systems.
  • For those already aware of their electrical needs, present your offer directly, ensuring clear messaging and compelling visuals.

Consider using image or carousel ad formats to visually highlight your offer, showcasing before-and-after images of electrical upgrades, testimonials from satisfied customers, or a carousel displaying different services your business offers.

Retarget Your Leads With Facebook Ads

When people visit your website or business profile online, it indicates that they are interested in what you offer. But visits don’t always result in conversions.

Therefore, you must keep reminding these potential customers about your business even when they are far gone. This is where Facebook retargeting comes in.

To generate leads with Facebook for electrical contractors, shift the focus to retargeting website visitors or previous ads on Facebook. These ads aim to re-engage potential leads  or customers if they leave your website without converting.

Tailored messaging reminds them of unfinished actions, such as requesting a quote for electrical services or scheduling an appointment. Emphasize urgency, exclusivity, and the benefits of taking action now.

Utilize Image or Carousel ad formats to visually offer and highlight key benefits of choosing your electrical services. Show images of successful projects, customer testimonials, or special promotions to ensure they take the next step.

Facebook Ad Campaign Example for Electricians

With a proper Facebook ad campaign strategy, you can drive brand awareness and boost conversions for your electrician business.

Getting Started with Facebook Ads Manager

To use Facebook Ads Manager, you need to set up a Facebook business page if you don’t already have one. The Ads Manager is an all-in-one tool where you can create ads, manage when and where they run, and track performance.

Open Facebook Ads Manager, and follow the steps:

  1. Select ‘Go to Ads Manager’
  2. Confirm the information you entered on the setup page
  3. Fill in your payment information
  4. Save your changes

Your Ads Manager account is now up and running.

Start a New Campaign

Within the Ads Manager, you’ll have your dashboard where you can monitor campaigns.

If you have already created a campaign ad, these ads can be viewed on the dashboard. But this dashboard will be empty if you haven’t created an ad yet.

To create a new ad campaign, ad set, or ad through the Facebook Ad Manager, select the corresponding tab on the top bar.

ads dashboard

Choose Your Objective

Like many social media advertising tools, it’s designed with your campaign objective in mind. Ads Manager will ask you to choose an objective from a pre-populated list.

choose objective

Pick a campaign objective that aligns best with your business goals for this particular ad. Click Continue. Facebook’s options for objectives include:

  • Awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Leads
  • App promotion
  • Sales

Set Budget and Schedule

Facebook offers flexibility to choose between daily or lifetime budgets and set spending limits that suit your campaign’s needs.

At this point in the process, you can also turn on the Advantage+ campaign budget. It means that Facebook will automatically find the best available opportunities for results across your ad sets and distribute your campaign budget in real time to get those results.

set budget

Create Ad Creative & Choose Ad Format

Facebook allows you to choose different ad formats that work on all devices. You can even choose options that target specific connection speeds. For example, depending on your campaign objectives, you can use an image or video in your ad or a multi-image format.

The visuals of your ads are important to stop the scroll. Design your ad content, upload eye-catching visuals, and craft compelling ad copy that resonates with your target audience.

  • Carousel ad type – types of services

Carousel ads display services, such as electrical installations, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades. Each carousel card can highlight a specific service with visuals and concise descriptions.

carousel ads

  • Facebook Messenger Ads

These ads can engage potential customers by offering personalized assistance or support. For example, an ad could prompt users to inquire about their specific electrical needs directly through Messenger, where they can receive immediate responses from the business.

messenger ads

  • Image Ads

Image ads for an electrical business can showcase the professionalism and expertise of the company. High-quality images of completed projects, satisfied customers, or skilled technicians can convey trustworthiness and competence.

image ads

Set Audience Targeting

Set audience targeting by defining demographics, interests, behaviors, and locations relevant to your electrical business. Note that under location, you can include or exclude cities over a certain size.

Refine your audience based on factors like age, gender, interests in home improvement or technology, and geographic proximity to maximize relevance and reach potential customers.

geographic proximity

Decide your Facebook ad placements

Ad placement defines where your ad appears for your target audience. Options include the newsfeed, sidebar, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. Test different placements to optimize performance and ensure your ads are seen by the right people at the right time.

Decide your Facebook ad placements

  • Feeds: Get high visibility and exposure by placing ads within users’ feeds.
  • Stories and Reels: Craft visually captivating narratives through full-screen vertical ads.
  • In-Stream: Quickly capture people’s attention while they’re watching videos.
  • Reels Overlay: Reach audiences with sticker or banner ads while they consume short-form content.
  • Search Results: Get visibility for your business as people search.
  • Messages: Send exclusive offers or updates directly to customers already engaged.

Analyze results and optimize performance

Now that you’ve created and launched the campaign, you need to monitor the ad’s performance metrics to analyze the results. There are several metrics available to track, but you can choose and customize each ad according to your objectives. Some of these include:

  • Performance: Results, reach, frequency, and impressions.
  • Engagement: Page likes, page engagement, and post engagement.
  • Videos: Video views, average percentage of video viewed.
  • Website: Website actions (all), purchases, checkout, adds to cart, payment details.
  • Apps: App installs, credit spends, mobile app actions, app engagement, cost per app engagement.
  • Events: Event responses, cost for event response.
  • Clicks: Clicks, unique clicks, click-through rate (CTR), and CPC.

Analyze results and optimize performance

For example, if you notice that posts about GFCI outlets receive higher engagement, consider creating more content on this topic. If a particular ad campaign leads to an increase in inquiries, allocate more of your advertising budget to it.


Social media can be a valuable tool for electricians looking to advertise their services and gain new customers. Facebook ads attract potential clients, earn their trust and loyalty, and convert them into paying customers.

With the right strategy, you can see amazing results for your electrician business and drive your campaign’s success. So, whether you want to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, or boost sales, Facebook Ads can help you achieve your goals.

As an electrical service provider, you can explore different ad formats, focus on building customer relationships, and reach a broader audience base. With compelling ad creatives and strategic placement across various platforms, Facebook ads expand an electrician’s reach within their local market and establish them as trusted experts in the industry.

Moreover, it is important to target specific interests, use eye-catching images, give users a low-friction conversion, and track everything. Now you know how to do Facebook ads for electricians, you can drive sustained business growth.